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Some Series 7 spoilers, courtesy of DWM #442. [Bleeding Cool]

Amy and Rory will be saying farewell to the TARDIS in 2012... [BBC] [Guardian]

Picture from filming of the 2011 Christmas Special, courtesy of Alexander Armstrong on Twitter:

 Teasers, Trailer and Quotes for Closing Time. [Doctor Who TV] [Cult Box]

 Casting announcements for the 2011 Christmas Special.  [BBC Press Office] [BBC DW Website] [Guardian]

 Teasers and Quotes for The God Complex. [Cult Box] [Cult Box]

 Teasers for The Girl Who Waited. [Cult Box]

 Da Boss himself previews Fnarg2 Part 2, exclusively for the Radio Times. [Episodes 8-10] [Episodes 11-13]

Blogtor Who has teasers for Let's Kill Hitler [Blogtor Who]

Digital Spy has teasers for A Good Man Goes To War [Digital Spy], plus a revealing interview with Simon Fisher-Baker [SFX]

Cult Box has ten dialogue snippets from The Rebel Flesh, also ten teasers [Cult Box again].

SFX has teasers for The Doctor's Wife [SFX], and so does Cult Box.

Hugh Bonneville interviewed ahead of The Curse of The Black Spot, with mild spoilers... [Express], ten new teasers [Cult Box], and then some more... [Blogtor Who]

Piers Wenger talks Series 6 [MTV]

SFX has Day of The Moon spoilers. [SFX]

Series 6 fact gathering, episode titles and spoilery new series pictures at Digital Spy!

Pictures from filming for Episode 8 in Cardiff. [SFX],and subsequently reported, with multiple inaccuracies in the tabloids... [Daily Mail]

Interviews and Series 6 teasers from WonderCon 2011, with Neil Gaiman [Assignment X], Mark Sheppard [Assignment X] and Toby Haynes [io9]

Series 6 Part 1 synopsis blurb for the UK DVD release:

  The Doctor returns, alongside newly weds Amy and Rory, to face monsters and mysteries and adventures all across time and space, in a thrilling new series of Doctor Who.

  Together they’ll find themselves in sixties America, battling the invasion the world forgot, then journey on the high seas of 1696 aboard a pirate ship, to solve the mystery of the Siren. In a bubble universe at the very edge of reality, the Doctor will meet an old friend with a new face, and in a monastery on a remote island in the near future, an industrial accident will take on a terrible human shape. And waiting for them, at the end of all this, is the battle of Demon’s Run, and the Doctor’s darkest hour.   Can even the truth about River Song save the Time Lord’s soul? Only two things are certain. Silence will fall. And a good man is going to die… [BBCDVD3428] The series will also be available on bluray.

Find a detailed breakdown of the BBC1 Series 6 trailer, complete with screencaps, at DoctorWhoTV.

The title of Neil Gaiman's episode revealed: The Doctor's Wife! [SFX]

Michael Sheen is to voice a character in Neil Gaiman's episodes. Confirmed by Neil Gaiman on Twitter.

Pictures from Cardiff, as The Doctor is reunited with Craig for Episode 6.12+. [The Sun]

Some new and intriguing photos from recent filming [Wales Online] and some spoilery tabloid speculation... [The Sun]

Series 6 will see the return of James Corden as Craig Owens, last seen in The Lodger. [BBC] [The Sun]

David Walliams to appear in Episode 11, written by Toby Whithouse. [The Sun]

As seen very briefly in the Coming Soon trailer...I have a beard now. Beards are cool. [WalesOnline]

Toby Whithouse and Gareth Roberts have been confirmed as episode writers in the second half of Series 6.

Filming continues in Charlestown, Cornwall for the new series, including Karen Gillan fencing with pirates, and Hugh Bonneville sporting a HUGE beard... [The Sun] [Mail Online] [DoctorWhoTV1] [DoctorWhoTV2] [Celebrity Radar] [This Is Cornwall] [Keith's Eden Project]

Radio Times reports on the preview screening of A Christmas Carol at the BFI.

Ahead of the sneak preview next week during  Children in Need on November 19, the title of the Doctor Who special has been revealed as A Christmas Carol. [BBC]

The first picture from the forthcoming Christmas Special has been released.

Filming for the next series continues in Cardiff, with Alex Kingston and Mark Sheppard. [photos courtesy of Alun Vega]

SFX highlights some potential spoilers, as revealed by The Moff in the forthcoming Brilliant Book of Doctor Who. [SFX]

Surrane Jones confirmed as Idris in the episode written by Neil Gaiman. [BBC]

Filming on the new series commences in Bristol, with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. [The Sun]

Neil Gaiman has posted a couple of snaps with Matt Smith and The Moff...  [Twitpic/Neilhimself]

Digital Spy reveals a little more about the Christmas Special.

Steven Moffat discusses the Christmas Special (but not very much) at  Premium Hollywood.

The BBC publishes its initial press release about the 2010 Christmas Special. [BBC]

Digital Spy reveals the (possible) identity of two of the writers for Series Fnarg2.

Some very, very spoilery concept art has been posted at SciFi Wire... (exciting if it turns out to be true...)

Neil Gaiman is interviewed about his experiences so far  writing for Doctor Who... [BBC], and posts some snaps in illustrious company on Twitter... [Twitpic/Neilhimself]

During the SFX Weekender, Neil Gaiman ended months of speculation when he revealed he will be writing for Series Fnarg2 in 2011. [SFX]

[earlier SPOILERS]


DWM #442, out December 15th 2011

DWM #441, out November 17th 2011

DWM #439, out September 22nd 2011

Radio Times, 27 Aug- 2 September 2011

DWM #438, out August 25th 2011

SFX #213, out August 24th 2011

DWM #437, out  July 28th 2011

Radio Times, 4-10 June 2011

DWM #435, out June 2nd 2011

Radio Times, 21-27 May 2011

DWM #434, out May 5th 2011

Radio Times, 16-22 April 2011

highlights from The Moff's Production Notes column in DWM - coming soon!


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Christmas Special 2010: A Christmas Carol, by Steven Moffat. Featuring Katherine Jenkins, Michael Gambon, Pooky Quesnel and Laurence Belcher.

A Doctor Who twist on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way the Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?  Directed by Toby Haynes.


#01 The Impossible Astronaut (1 of 2), by Steven Moffat. With Mark Sheppard as Canton Everett Delaware III, Stuart Milligan as Nixon, Alex Kingston as River Song, and Kerry Shale as Dr Renfrew.  Set in the late 1960s, the Doctor, Amy and Rory receive a secret summons which takes them from the desert in Utah to the Oval Office. Directed by Toby Haynes.

#02 Day Of The Moon (2 of 2), by Steven Moffat. Directed by Toby Haynes.

#03 The Curse of the Black Spot, by Steve Thompson. Featuring Hugh Bonneville as Avery, Lee Ross as Boatswain, and featuring Lily Cole as The Siren.  Directed by Jeremy Webb.

#04 The Doctor's Wife (originally called The House of Nothing), by Neil Gaiman. Featuring Suranne Jones as Idris, Adrian Schiller as Uncle,  Elizabeth Berrington as Auntie, and the voice of Michael Sheen as The House.  Directed by Richard Clark.

#05 The Rebel Flesh (1 of 2), by Matthew Graham. Featuring Sarah Smart and Marshall Lancaster. Directed by Julian Simpson.

#06 The Almost Poeple (aka Gangers) (2 of 2), by Matthew Graham. Directed by Julian Simpson.

#07 A Good Man Goes To War (aka Demons Run) (1 of 2), by Steven Moffat. Featuring Simon Fisher-Baker as Dorium Maldavar, Frances Barber, Annabel Cleare, Dan Starkey, Dan Johnson and Charlie Baker, baby twins, and possibly some Sontarans and Cybermen. Directed by Peter Hoar.


#08 Let's Kill Hitler (2 of 2), by Steven Moffat. Featuring Nina Toussaint-White as Mels, and Albert Welling as Hitler.  Directed by Richard Senior.

#09 Night Terrors (previously What Are Little Boys Made Of?), by Mark Gatiss. Featuring Daniel Mays, Emma Cunliffe, Andrew Tiernan as Mr Purcell, and Louise-Marie Bowen as Mrs Rossiter.  Directed by Richard Clark.

#10 The Girl Who Waited, by Tom MacRae. Fetauring Imelda Staunton, Josie Taylor and Stephen Bracken-Keogh. Directed by Nick Hurran.

#11 The God Complex, by Toby Whithouse. Featuring David Walliams as Gibbis. Directed by Nick Hurran.

#12 Closing Time, by Gareth Roberts. Featuring featuring James Corden as Craig, with Lynda Baron and  a baby and a Cybermat.

#13 The Wedding of River Song, by Steven Moffat. Featuring Mark Gatiss as Gantok, Frances Barber as Madame Kovarian, Ian McNiece as Churchill, Simon Callow as Charles Dickens and Simon Fisher-Baker. Directed by Jeremy Webb.


Christmas Special 2011: The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe, by Steven Moffat. Featuring Claire Skinner, Bill Bailey, Arabella Weir and Alexander Armstrong.   The Doctor finds himself in war-torn England embarking on a magical and mysterious adventure with a young widow and her two children.

Directed by Farran Blackburn.

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