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Producer Detlef Siebert contacted the Model Unit in early 2010 about the possibility of providing miniature effects for the show to augment the ‘virtual backlot’ technique that would make up the bulk of the effects work. A meeting with Detlef and director Tony Mitchell established that there were three main areas where we would be involved – lava bomb impacts, pyroclastic flows and the tsunami.


Working from production photography and construction plans, a 1/6th scale section of a Minoan temple was constructed by Colin Mapson, designed to be shot both as a wide angle for compositing into a digital matte painting, and in close up, for in-camera pyrotechnic work.  In addition to the temple, a ¼ scale miniature of a Minoan street was built by Nick Kool, constructed in such a way that it could be assembled in a variety of configurations to provide both exterior and interior settings for both the pyroclastic flow and tsunami events.



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