2013 Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, BBC1
2013 Doctor Who: Cold War, BBC1

Fram Museum, Oslo, miniature dioramas for Sarner

2011 Doctor Who Experience, classic prop and costume refurbishment, for BBC Worldwide
2011 Atlantis - End of a World, Birth of a Legend, BBC1
2010 The Last Days of the Dinosaurs, Handel Productions/Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel
2009 Clash of the Dinosaurs, Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel
2009 Raging Planet Series 2, Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel
2009 Moonshot - The Flight of Apollo 11, Dangerous Films for ITV1
2008 Primeval Series 2, Impossible Pictures for ITV1
2008 Human Body - Pushing the Limits, Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel
2007 Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
2007 St Trinians
2007 Atonement, Working Title Films
2006 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Windfall Films for Channel 4
2006 Raven - The Island, CBBC/BBC1
2006 Krakatoa - The Last Days, BBC1
2006 Surviving Disaster: The Munich Air Crash, BBC1
2005 Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion, BBC1
2005 Equinox Special: Britain's Tornado, Channel 4
2005 Doctor Who, BBC1
2005 Hiroshima, BBC1
2005 Venus Drowning, Long Pig Ltd, premiering at BIFFF 2006

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